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You Are More Than A Plus Size!

Size! The next thing aside nationality and race that differentiates us. It spans from head and body-wears to footwears. Remember the last time you went to a fashion store or used it online? You had to key in your size in other to get what you desired. Well, It's normal. We all do that. This week on Trendblog, we exclusively want to shine our light on nothing but our Bodies.-The Plus size.

Growing up, some of us found ourselves being nicknamed based on our stature. Ever heard of a person being called twiggy because he/she was skinny to the bone? What about Longitude? Now that's familiar because it's for that tall boy who is built like Andre the Giant. Only his Skeleton is actually long. We're not even getting to the short boys and girls. They had their fair share of being bullied. But those people who suffered and still suffer from the societal standard of body sizes are the Big Boys and Girls.

Because most of us as kids did see how our mates, friends, and family members who had extra weight were bullied even though some of these kids were naturally like that. We also did see how these kids were ignored among peers, excluded from joining certain teams, as well as talked about- behind their backs. Yeah, we caused them a lot of emotional pain. And still do. The body-shamers

As if that wasn't enough, designers also had what they had to say- which is ' We are sorry but we don't have that in your size!'. Did you ever watch the series "Drop dead Diva"?

Well Jane, had to fight in court just to prove she could look as good as any woman, even in clothing lines made for women who were skinner than her.

But enough of these sad memories. Based on what we see today, we say the most exciting thing in the fashion industry is its inclusion of different body types. In fact, it has grown... No!, it's still growing. It still needs a little push here and there. Either way, it's lovely and exciting to see our Plus Size models, activist, family, and friends being able to wear beautiful swimsuits, prom dresses, casual wears, lingeries, etc that are literally tailored to fit their bodies. Even the skimpy ones.

Plus sizes are no more bound to stay in an oversize. Whereas other women get to show off their bodies in various lines and styles. That "you are too big to wear that, you are showing too much skin. Go cover-up" issue via body-shamers,- that was so wrong. Now you can be a big girl and still be able to look and feel sexy in different ways.-Styles, shapes, and colors. This change we see today has been supported by people like Brielle Anyea, and Denise Mercedes just to mention a few.

With these women doing their best to change the stereotypical nature of society when it comes to human bodies, we know they are making a good impact on women like them who have been shy of how they have been looking their entire life. Those who hate that they came not as a size 12 but 24, and above.

Yes!, we are not preaching an unhealthy lifestyle but encouraging us all to love and respect anybody no matter which size they are. As much as telling our Pluses to love themselves too.

Did you know some Plus sizes workout more than we think? They are pretty active than us and yet we look all different. Talk about Katrina Nichole

We definitely cant wait to see a reflection of this "body size/ type" change in our Entertainment industry. Precisely Heroic Movies. Imagine Catwoman wasn't like a stick-figure-barbie doll but a nice curvy Bratz with equal energy as the usual type we see. That would be a big thing. Either way, let's freeze this idea for the future.- Miracles do happen.

Images via Brielle Anyea @missesbrielle

No need to get historical or scientific. All are pounding on is;

Keep learning ways to style and carry yourself. Keep finding the right inspirations and people to follow.

And above all, don't ever stop loving and enjoy your bodies. Your shape, your features, and all the different things that make you, YOU.

You are more than a Plus size!........ You are beautiful!

Images via Denise Mercedes @denisemmercedes

You can be your own Lizzo and Meghan Trainor in your homes and communities. So make a statement.

We are all "about your Bass, no Treble".

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Images via Katarina Nichole @thekatarinanichole


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