• Fatima Ezahra

White jeans: Must-have piece to brighten your winter looks!

In this magical snow-covered setting ... How about white pants? Wouldn't you look fabulous if you matched the decor ice queen style?

We can all agree that white illuminates the gray days. The “good” white pants - often white jeans - have the chic to brighten up a quiet closet while being very easy to wear. Like jeans, it’s not difficult to pair and it is definitely more elegant.

You can associate it with: a pastel silk blouse, a navy blazer, a t-shirt, a men's plaid jacket, a purple sweater, a beige coat to complete a very elegant color palette, nude tones, bright tones, sneakers, boots, a faux-fur coat, or to class it up a notch just adding nude pumps ...

The possibilities are endless.

It works with almost any shade, from dark to lighter colors, including pastel, gold, or silver. So pretty with soft pink, lilac, and camel. Timeless with navy.

Visualize your wardrobe and you will find that the white jeans are compatible with a maximum of pieces

You can play with a white total-look but beware of milky shades (ex: off-white shirt + snow-white pants) which can give the impression that the top is faded (or that it has suffered a washing incident). The solution for a successful mix of whites: play with different textures.

White, does it really make you seem...bigger?

Yes, it is possible. But as with any shade, even with shapes that are complex, what enhances or disrupts the figure is not so much the color as the way the garment falls on you. Pay attention to the material, the cut, and the fit: white jeans that are well cut for your body type will always be more flattering than old denim jeans, shapeless or not suited to yours.

Try different versions: straight cut, flared, boyfriend, loose… with a raised waist that takes the belly well. And a thick fabric to avoid any transparency: little risk with jeans, it is also the advantage of wearing white jeans in winter!

Is it messy?

Obviously! It doesn't cover up your clumsiness the way jeans do. With a 7/8 cut (or a rolled bottom), you are less likely to splash rain. It is best to avoid pasta bolognese or a delicious Nutella dripping crepe when you're rocking your elegant white jeans.

Are you adopting the "white winter jeans" movement?

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