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Vans enters the metaverse with customizable shoes and skateboarding experience

Roblox, the global game platform, created in partnership with Vans, an interactive Vans-inspired experience with the brand’s signature locations such as House of Vans, the Vans Off the Wall Skate park, and brand retail shops all over the world. Whilst in this virtual escapade, the visitors try on and buy original Vans shoes with the option to practice their skate skills throughout the immersive environment.

Within the digital stores, they will be able to customize shoes to create their own Vans or build their perfect skateboard based on four customizable Vans silhouettes, ready to purchase and wear in the Roblox metaverse.

This authentic brand experience is empowering creative expression in the digital world, bridging the gap between virtual, real-world fashion and sports in an accessible, inclusive way.

Vans isn’t the first to enhance the Roblox digital fashion world. Earlier this year, Gucci launched a limited edition Gucci Garden experience where avatars could explore a multimedia space inspired by the fashion house’s creative vision. The immersive event closely followed the luxury fashion house’s virtual collection, available for Roblox players to buy and dress their avatars in. The house managed to sell a Gucci bag for 4,115 dollars through the platform, a substantial margin more than its initial retail price.

With access to millions of people in the Roblox digital world, brands can reach fans and attract new ones in completely immersive ways, while simultaneously monetizing their brands in the metaverse.

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