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The white t-shirt: Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication

Why wear a 100% basic white t-shirt? Do you have at least one in your closet? If the answer is no, you're missing out on a truly essential piece.

Many people imagine that you can't look classy with such an "ordinary" t-shirt.

Well, it's quite the opposite! The plain white t-shirt is actually a "must-have" in your wardrobe. It is a simple key element for elegance.


In spring, this is an ideal piece because it pairs perfectly with EVERYTHING.

But be careful, for the white t-shirt to have its full effect, it must above all be chosen well.




How to choose your white tee?

-It must be chosen in a fairly flexible and fine material (cotton jersey or cotton/linen blend) and must above all not be too tight or adjusted.

-It should be loose enough and long enough to be tucked in easily into another garment or even tied into a crop top in summer.

-It should not be see-through but can hint at the bra in a subtle elegant way.

-Choose it with a round neck or a light V for more softness and femininity.

-The perfect white t-shirt has short sleeves, but long enough to have fun rolling them up to style.

-It has to be 100% basic: no detail, no-frills, no pockets, no logo. He must remain true to its true nature: MINIMALIST.

-It must of course white. As soon as it turns gray or yellowish, remove it from your closet and buy a new one.

-Above all, don't wear it on the day you have sunscreen on your body: it's its worst enemy! The cream leaves yellow marks that cannot be removed afterward.


How to wear the white t-shirt as a chic basic?

Its best asset is being able to associate with everything. You will be elegant by wearing it with other basic pieces but also by pairing it with extravagant pieces for a more trendy look.

The white t-shirt saves the day when you are lost in your closet:

-Associate it with jeans and add pretty heeled sandals (or pumps) with a well-cut blazer for a top-notch office look!

-It gives a trendy look to colored pants

-It slightly tones down “crazy” pieces: leather, animal patterns (snake, leopard…), sequins, mini skirts and shorts, original prints, surprising materials

-It gives a chic allure to a slightly Bohemian or romantic long skirt

-It modernizes the pencil skirt by diverting it from the traditional office look

-It makes a tutu skirt legitimate: with high heels and a beautiful clutch, your evening outfit is unique, elegant, and trendy!

To sum it up, it can be combined with all patterns and styles. As soon as you have an item of clothing that you don't know how to wear, the magic formula is: think about your white t-shirt, it works wonders every time.



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