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The future of fashion is digital

What are you going to wear? That is the crucial question we will hear more frequently now that the online Metaverse is becoming increasingly popular.

Daniella Loftus, British influencer and founder of the website ‘This Outfit Does Not Exist’, talks about how she gave her job up with a fashion consultancy to fully work on her project.

It seems that many people are skeptical about buying clothes that don't exist.

But emerging digital fashion stores are now part of a growing market. It's not about real clothes but digitally generated outfits that stores simply photoshop onto a customer's photos and that will be posted on Instagram or elsewhere.

Daniella's Instagram posts show the potential of virtual clothing-from a shimmering silver liquid pantsuit with tentacles, to a wobbling pink creation with lasers firing out of her bustier.

Daniella sees a lot of potential in digital fashion. According to her, digital is coming to overtake physical.

Kids are asking each other: "What skin did you have in this game yesterday?".

Isabelle Boemeke, known also ad Isodope, is a Brazilian model and influencer. She is already an avid buyer of digital outfits. She merges her passion for fashion with a serious commitment to clean energy and environmental activism.

"I know many women who buy an outfit, wear it once for a single photo and never again".

In addition to these words, Isabelle says that they should consider digital fashion to minimize waste and the unnecessary consumption of clothes.

It is well known that the traditional fashion industry is one of the biggest pollutant generators in the world. This is the point that was made Extinction Rebellion protesters who stormed the Louis Vuitton catwalk in Paris.

Digital fashion might be the solution to this major issue and set the fashion industry on a greener track.

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