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Scarf: Your winter companion

Rather than suffer through the coldest season, why not enjoy it? These simple yet amazing accessories will keep you warm, stylish, and more prepared for whatever the weather throws your way.

SCARVES! Star of your winter wardrobe, they elevate your looks and keep you safe and snuggly like a warm hug.

So today, I will show you how to choose the right scarf.


The material

A scarf can be plain, very simple but give a lot of character to your outfit.

For this, no compromise should be made on its quality. This is really the material that will make all the difference between a cozy and luxurious look vs. a cheap one.

In winter, scarves flourish in all stores. There is something for all tastes and all colors.

Very (too) often, we are drawn to these inexpensive, colorful and original little pieces.

Fast-fashion stores are full of very nice scarves, in trendy colors, patterns, chunky knits, etc. but most of the time, they are acrylic and will deteriorate in a few days by pilling.

When you are interested in a scarf, always check its composition.

Natural materials will give a very qualitative aspect and will bring you real thermal comfort.

You have several options:

The wool scarf:

Be careful, there are different qualities of wool from the cheapest to the most upscale.

A wool scarf can scratch, the neck being a rather sensitive area.

If you want a wool scarf, I advise you to go with merino which is pleasant to wear, or with a wool blend containing for example baby alpaca which is very soft.

Avoid mohair wool which will leave fibers on all your wool coats.

The cashmere scarf:


The cashmere scarf is a safe bet. Not only will cashmere give you exceptional warmth, but it is also particularly soft and pleasant.

Another plus is that it looks better with each wash, which is pretty good news when trying to build a durable wardrobe.

It will also bring a "fluffy", cozy and luxurious side to your style.

I particularly recommend the cashmere. This is in my opinion, the best scarf choice.

The shape of the scarf

The trend is now for oversized models, whether it is a long scarf or a snood.

The snood

Circular in a tube shape, it is particularly interesting because it holds well around the neck, does not risk coming undone or flying away!

If you choose it long enough, you can wear it in two ways:

-By making two or three turns around your neck and transforming one of the turns into a hood

-By making two turns, letting hang a fairly long turn.

The scarf

Take your silhouette into account when choosing your scarf:

If you're short, choose it short or wrap it around your neck a few times.

A scarf worn long could pack you down.

If you are tall, on the contrary, do not put on a scarf that is too short.

If you are in A, opt for a very long scarf that you can tie several times around your neck to add volume to the top of the bust and rebalance your figure.

If you are V or O, wrap your scarf around your neck once and let the two sides hang down to bring verticality to your outfit.

If you are in X, H, or 8, you can afford anything!

The color

To make it a durable piece of your wardrobe, I recommend a scarf in neutral colors that will easily match your different jackets and coats.

As a reminder, the neutral colors are ecru, beige, cream, navy blue, burgundy, heather gray, anthracite gray.

You can choose it plain or printed.

If you go with a print and this scarf is intended to last for many years, stick with a classic print (such as checks, tartan for example).

If neutrals do not inspire you and you prefer to go with color, keep in mind that, the scarf is intended to be worn near your face, it can highlight it or on the contrary hollow out your features.

You can take your color palette into account to make a relevant choice.

If you want to move away from the colors provided in your palette, just remember that:

Warm colors will enhance you more if you are in the spring or fall colorimetric season, while cool colors will highlight your looks more if you are in the summer or winter color season.

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