Rin isa: Digital fashion is the best step to take towards modernization

Meet Rin, a petite, stylish, creative, and incredibly responsible fashion enthusiast. She is sharing with you today all her capsule wardrobe style tips, valuable sustainable fashion insight, and where to get inspiration from for your OOTDs.

Join us for a delightful and captivating fashion talk!

If you had to describe your style in 3 words, what would they be?

Minimalist, Classic, and Edgy

What fascinates you about sustainable fashion?

Sustainable fashion, in its simplest form, is the opposite of fast fashion. I loved being a fast-fashion shopper before, the clothes were cheap, trendy, and accessible. However, I didn't realize the amount of waste that would come along with every purchase.

The sustainable fashion movement piqued my interest after I thoroughly researched it and watched several documentaries, and it definitely seemed like it was my responsibility to buy better.

What is your fashion motto?

Buy less, choose well, and normalize repeated outfits.

Where do you usually get your outfit ideas?

I would say that the majority of my inspiration comes from Pinterest.

Any styling tips for all the people who want to shop more responsibly?

Buying new physical clothes is not always necessary.

You should always style your existing wardrobe.

Build a capsule wardrobe by choosing great quality items that you can wear for a long time.

What are the essential pieces for a stylish capsule wardrobe?

  • Good quality blazer

  • Pleated Pants

  • Basic T-shirts

  • Ribbed Tank Top

  • Jeans (I personally love washed off denim and black)

  • Leggings (for comfort)

  • Good quality trench & wool coat (for Fall and Winter)

  • Black silk slit dress

What would be the must-have pairs of shoes to go with it?

Obviously a pair of white sneakers, a pair of leather Boots for rainy days, and a pair of sandals for your summer looks

What is your first impression of digital fashion?

The future! It looks very futuristic and digital fashion will dominate in the coming years with the presence of technology software. Having worked in the digital media industry for many years, I am not surprised to see fashion at the top of the digital industry.

What do you think about digital fashion as a more sustainable approach?

When it comes to sustainability in fashion, digital fashion immediately comes to mind.

The digital revolution in fashion can be categorized into two distinct categories: digitally rendered garments displayed within digitally rendered environments, and physical clothing live-streamed and displayed digitally.

Not only does it eliminate the need to transport clothes all over the world, but it also reduces material consumption and waste. The fashion industry is taking a big step forward with this move

Do you think digital fashion can compete with fast fashion in the near future?

Yes, without a doubt. Having worked in digital media/advertising, I can verify that brands/advertisers have altered the way advertising is conducted. Many of them are spending a considerable amount on digital advertising / programmatic advertising.

In the fashion industry, the pandemic and climate concerns have prompted changes towards sustainability.

The use of digital platforms is slowly returning the industry to sustainable fashion. I believe that one of the best few steps to take towards modernization and reducing our carbon footprint is adapting to digital fashion.

What fashion advice would you give all fashion lovers?

Create a capsule wardrobe and have fun styling your pieces in your own personal style.

Looking good doesn't mean buying more.

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