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Nesa Gholipoor : Digital fashion is evolving very fast, it will replace fast fashion soon...

Meet Nesa, a talented digital fashion designer who will impress you with her incredible designs.

She is here today to embark you upon her design journey and share with you valuable insights on digital fashion, sources of inspiration, along with an exclusive "behind the scenes" tour of her "Crystalline Swamps" collection.

Join us to discover Ira's world through this delightful fashion talk.

How did you discover digital fashion?

My major is costume design, and, since I am passionate about it, I was always looking for the latest innovations in the field. I became acquainted with digital fashion through the Internet and virtual networks.

What inspired you to become a digital fashion designer?

Honestly, I inadvertently entered digital fashion later on. After acquiring almost full knowledge of digital fashion, I saw the potential of this type of fashion and how it's not only beautiful, but it can help the earth. This is what inspired me to commit fully to this field.

Can you tell us more about digital fashion to help fashion enthusiasts understand it better?

Digital Fashion is a garment made in three dimensions using computer technology and software. It establishes the interaction between digital technology and fashion. Today, communication and information technologies in both the fashion industry and the customer experience are integrated with deep perspectives. The fashion industry is changing on a large scale as a direct result of the growth of technology and its impact on consumer behavior. This fashion transformation is a way through which fashion shows can protect the environment and the value of designers' work in such a big, insecure, and complex field. The availability of big data analytics can also be used strategically by fashion companies to tailor the customer experience to the designer's tastes.

Tell us a bit about the beginning of your digital fashion career.

Since I live in Iran, the field of clothing design has no place, I worked very hard, in the beginning, to explain my work and show the value of my work. But now that I am a small member of this industry, I am very happy that through my designs, I can communicate with people around the world, regardless of gender or nationality, or any other limit.

What does sustainability mean to you as a designer?

Sustainability for me means living and breathing, and as a designer, I have to work for it.

Where do you see digital fashion in the future?

Digital fashion is evolving very fast, I think it will replace fast fashion in the near future

Do you think digital fashion can completely take over fast fashion?

Yes, it is very close. People nowadays care about nature and quality of life, and the digital model resolves many issues. Everyone will soon realize the impact of fast fashion on the environment and make space for digital fashion in their lives.

Now back to your incredible designs, what inspired your magnificent collection?

First of all, I love the designs of Alexander McQueen, and he is my biggest role model in costume design.

In most of my designs, I am inspired by everything I see around me: nature (flowers, etc.), my emotions, my mood. It's very strange to me how when I was very upset, I worked on the best clothing designs.

What lays behind your amazing color and texture choices?

I love details! I think that the details like color and texture are definitely the most important pillars of a collection, it gives life and character to the designs. For this reason, I use less ordinary, extravagant, unique fabrics. I May spend hours choosing the fabric for my dress, but it's all worth it. For me, when the piece comes to life, I have to fall in love with it again, and if it doesn't happen, it means that it's not perfect enough to be out there.

Can you tell us more about the process of creating your digital collection?

Before creating my own clothing designs, I usually always look around first and listen to music based on how I feel at the time and then draw my own designs. And to my surprise, when I'm so upset, I've always created my best designs.

What would be your advice to upcoming designers?

As a small member of the fashion world, I advise future designers not to give up even in the most difficult conditions of life and never forget humanity and charity, I think the fashion world is a way to convey feelings and communicate with different people who have different cultures, speak different languages and have a different perspective of life, and to me, this is the best gift.

Nesa's "Crystalline Swamps" is dropping exclusively here on Stylexchange soon...Stay tuned!

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