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meta rap: escaping earth to exclore more

The year is 2222 and Earth has become a hostile, dark planet where opportunity and creativity are lacking. Certain members of society have escaped earth to head into space to explore other planets, realms, and worlds. The META-RAP collection allows one to escape, traverse time and space, and become a hip-hop astronaut. The META-RAP story follows a group of rebels who fled their home planet to experience other-worldly elements of music, fashion, and culture.

Sat on earth in 2222, listening to Kloner FM, watching the day go past slowly, they had a realization; why don't we leave our planet? Why don’t we start something new? Something unexpected and something memorable. Life has been so close-minded, compressed, and repressive for the last few years. It is time to break out of that mold, explore the unexplored and go on an ethereal journey that only music and fashion can take you on.

By getting a one-way ticket on the StyleXchange Space Train one is able to experience these different planets and metaverses. Through a time-bending experience of the hip-hop and rap genre we travel through the 90s old school, east coast aesthetic, to modern autotune rap, experiencing and absorbing elements that we weren’t able to on earth. There will be concerts, experiences, digital fashion merchandise, and accessories that give you access to the META-RAP and StyleXchange community.

The StyleXchange Space Station is a hub for innovation and creation, it is a leading protocol that enables one to think differently. That is what we aim with this collection, to encourage one to look at the past, present, and future from a different perspective. Identity and self-expression are two of the core values of StyleXchange and of Digital Fashion in general. There are three pillars of digital luxury and fashion which are identity, authenticity, and scarcity. The META-RAP collection will embody all of these values as It allows for the complete freedom to combine sound, aesthetics,s, and diversity.

Across modern society, there is sometimes a negative view of hip-hop culture. We do not understand this; hip-hop is an expression of one's reality, upbringing, struggles, and surroundings. We want to give those who have felt that they were looked down on, neglected, or trapped the opportunity to see and experience music and an aesthetic they love in a completely different way. We believe that people are trapped, unknowingly, in a cycle of real privilege and therefore do not understand the message, beauty, or concept of what certain artists are trying to present.

With this collection, we will bring light to an ever-growing, ever-present, ever political, dynamic culture and lifestyle. Get a ticket or access pass and join them on their journey...

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