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We are glad to announce the launch of an exclusive stylexchange x Kloner NFT collection.

The talented Kloner created this collection with exquisite attention to detail and spectacular pieces.

Each piece of "Deep Sea toxins" reflects great talent and creativity.

The Atlantis jumpsuit hits the mark on each and every aspect, color, texture, creativity, eccentricity, and style. It reminds you of the beauty of rainbow wrack with a contrast of darkness. Inspired by Deep sea flora, the Squid ink Parker is a rather special piece with a unique emotion behind it. It inspires beauty and imperfection merged in one avant-garde piece.

Beauty, edge, extravaganza all in one design! Inspired by Corallium and toxins that pollute the sea, the Coral Reef heels represent the expression of darkness in beauty.

The NFT collection is currently available on the stylexchange platform, but what's even more exciting is that 1 Squid Ink Parker NFT is being offered on a giveaway to one lucky winner.

The giveaway is being hosted on the stylexchange Instagram for a duration of 3 days, therefore, if you are an NFT collector with an undeniable fashion sense, this is THE occasion for you.

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