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JW Anderson auctioning off #harrystylescardigan NFT in collaboration with Xydrobe

#Harrystylescardigan is British fashion house JW Anderson's first non-fungible token (NFT) to be, developed in collaboration with the newly launched auction platform, Xydrobe.

Harry's color-block Patchwork Cardigan, from the label’s spring/summer 2020 menswear collection, has been recreated in NFT form by Xydrobe’s in-house team of visual effects (VFX) artists. It was created within 300 hours and the team developed every piece of the yarn in 3D before weaving it together in the six different knit patterns that are utilized within the original item.

All proceeds from the sale will support the LGBTQ+ charity, Akt, after its 48-hour auction beginning December 12. The hyper-realistic piece is Xydrobe's first Archive Collectible on its site, with only one digital artwork available. Its reserve bid price is now sitting at £10,000.

The cardigan, which is now on exhibit at London's Victoria and Albert Museum, became a hit after a trending period on TikTok, which was brought on by a user who created her own version of the sweater following Harry Styles wearing it on NBC's Today show in February 2020.

Responding to the garment's sudden popularity, JW Anderson's creative director Jonathan Anderson, posted the pattern and a tutorial on how to make it online. His hashtag for the piece, #harrystylescardigan, has gotten over 86 a million views to date.

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