Jordan Gentile: Digital fashion is a great sustainable alternative

Meet Jordan, a talented stylist with undeniable fashion sense. She has style, vision, passion, deep love for what she does, and she is definitely an inspiration to follow.

Today, she is taking you behind the scenes of her remarkable work to discover the story behind her passion, along with style tips, outfit inspiration and so much more.

Join us in Jordan's fashion world through this captivating talk.

What does fashion mean to you?

To me, fashion and art are synonymous. Fashion is living, breathing, wearable art. Designers pour their souls into their work, they are artists in their own merit and right.

When did you discover your passion for fashion?

As cliché as it sounds, my love of fashion dates back to playing dress-up in my early years. I loved piling myself in pretty clothes and jewelry, pretending to be some princess from a faraway land.

Who was your fashion icon as a child?

My paternal grandmother was my fashion icon as a child. She had a bright and colorful wardrobe filled with sparkles, sequins, colored satin kitten heels, glamorous costume jewelry, and a handbag (or pocketbook as she calls them) for every outfit. Like an extra fabulous “Golden Girl!” I always begged her to let me play dress up in her clothes and jewelry, to which she always obliged, and eventually, she passed down some of her favorite pieces to me. Vintage galore!

How would you describe growing up around a talented designer as a parent?

My life was constantly surrounded by art and beauty. My mother’s eye for design extended to all corners of our lives, from the way our house was designed and decorated to the beautifully handcrafted Halloween costumes she would make for us as children. My favorite memory is when my mother declared my sister and I would be Dorothy and Glinda for Halloween ( we had no say in the matter). She created a beautiful puff-shouldered pink gown for me, complete with a crown that stood over a foot tall.

Did it influence your career choices?

Of course, it did to a certain degree. Growing up in a small town, my mother was the only fashion reference available at all times. She taught me about being stylish without ever having to teach me with words. She taught me fashion by example, and this then led to me developing my own fashion sense. This has led me to where I am now as a wardrobe stylist helping others develop their own fashion sense.

Tell us a bit about your first professional experience in the fashion world?

My first professional experience in the fashion world actually had me on the receiving end of styling. I had gone to an open call for Seventeen Magazines and was chosen to model the fitness spread in the December 2017/ January 2018 issue. (The One Direction collectors edition, with a different member on each cover. How exciting!) I still remember walking into that SOHO studio and seeing all of the beautiful pieces for the shoot. That was my first interaction with a stylist, and I remember thinking to myself that I would love to have a career like theirs.

What do you like the most when it comes to styling?

The most amazing thing about styling is that you can take a core outfit, like a white tee and denim jeans, and create endless looks from day to night by simply swapping some accessories.

In your opinion, how does fashion impact people's lives on a daily basis?

I believe that your fashion choices have a direct impact on your mood. If your clothes are ill-fitting, then whatever outfit you are wearing will ultimately provide a negative impact on your mood. However, if you wear clothing that fits properly you will automatically feel comfortable, even in the simplest of fashion. The feeling of comfort will positively impact your mood for the remainder of the day. Even if you are “anti-fashion” you cannot escape the impact fashion has on a daily level.

What are your style preferences when it comes to your personal taste?

The bigger, the better! I love over-the-top statement outfits that are as big as my personality. I love having the most outrageous outfit on at any given moment, but those outfits always maintain the ability to still “fit the venue.” I enjoy seeing how far I can push the style limit.

What are your favorite colors of the season?

For Fall 2021 a beautiful muted orange and a dark emerald green (Not together of course for fear of looking like a carrot.)

What is your least favorite current trend?

Rubber shoes take the cake on this one! A trend that extends from Croc’s to Yeezy’s that I just do not understand. Maybe they are comfortable? Maybe they provide better arch support? All I know is that rubber in footwear should only extend to the soles of sneakers, rain boots, and gardening shoes.

Do you think being trendy is just as important as having your own style?

Absolutely not! Your personal style speaks volumes about oneself; a wardrobe that survives solely on trends barely lives.

What are your favorite brands/designers this year?

Currently, I have been loving Lorna Luxe’s In The Style collaboration for my everyday looks and I have been obsessing over Bottega Veneta and The Attico for inspiration over the past year.

What is the ultimate style tip you would like to share with our readers today?

Get familiar with your style uniform! Whether it’s a hairstyle, a certain accessory, or a specific daily look, pick at least one constant for your day-to-day looks! Mine are: a low bun with a middle part, one single gold necklace, and a pair of gold huggie hoop earrings. Having a constant helps set your style apart from the rest!

In your opinion, what are the essential items every person should have in their closet?

A classic trench coat, a black leather jacket, a crisp white button-down, light wash denim jeans, and a solid black leather ankle boot. Each of these items can be styled in an unlimited amount of ways!

This is one of my favorite questions to ask when I meet a talented stylist like yourself, in your opinion, what are the essential pairs of shoes every man and woman should own?

Every woman should own a pair of fashionable sneakers (ex. Adidas Superstars), nude pointed-toe pumps, knee-high black boots, and Chelsea boots.

Every man should own a pair of fashionable sneakers (ex. Adidas Superstars), wingtips, canvas sneakers, and Chelsea boots.

What advice would you give to people who are struggling to figure out their style identity?

If you are struggling to figure out your style identity, I suggest taking a step back from your closet to do some research! Head on over to Pinterest and create yourself a style board and pin anything and everything that you are drawn to! After a few hours (days or even weeks!) go back through your pins and find the similarities in your inspiration. Once you determine exactly what components you are drawn to you can incorporate them into your wardrobe. Voilà! You have started to curate a wardrobe for your specific style!

What word of wisdom would you like to share with all fashion enthusiasts who dream of making a career out of their passion, just like you?

Do not deny your passion or your inner voice just to “play it safe.” All it leads to is wasted time in making your dreams come true and realizing your happiness.

What do you think about digital fashion as a sustainable alternative?