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January's Top 50 Lookbook:

The idea of a person finding a stranger’s outfit, style, and accessories appealing tells how fashionable an individual wants to be, the next day or time. It tells the level of a person's fashion interest. Bringing this to our daily lives, there are oftentimes we find ourselves staring at strangers we meet in trains, buses, shops, or city centers. Not because they are crazy or something, but because we are drooling over their outfits, an accessory, talk of the oversize coat, high boots, how the colors of their outfit are complementing their skin, their figure, and many more.

.....Now you are gazing at them from top to bottom and thinking… “Oh, that is a personalized name necklace. It's nice. I like It. I want one.” Well, say no to guilt. We’ve all been there.

We all have had instances where we just can’t take our eyes from what we are seeing on people, so we sheepishly see these strangers and ask who they are wearing, where to get them, and even the price. Still feeling guilty? It’s ok.

The act to look good and on top every day is a price almost everybody is willing to pay.

It’s worth it. Therefore, here are our top 50 Influencer-looks we found irresistible in the month of January. Enjoy!!!

  1. Martina Corradetti

2. Dionne Crowe

3. Ela Akdaag

4. Bethan Roberts

5. Lovisa Barkman

6. Gitta Banko

7. Sabrina Lopez

8. Figtny

9. Ozgur

10 Naaomi Ross

11. Emma Hill

12. Natali

13. Füsun Lindner

14. Chris Bittar

15. Victoria

16. Amanda TG

17. Amy Jackson

18. Sarah

19. Anna

20. Suyapa Lucy

21. Marta Carriedo

22. Natali Akurda

23. Joana Vaz

24. Dilara Aksoy

25. Laura Gilmour

26. Sophie Knight

27. Aleksandra Dobric

28. Daniela Goeymen

29. Chanel

30. Charlotte Olivia

31. Edie Rose

32. Carms London

33. Sophie Lilian

34. Mildagud

35. Amy Leigh Draper

36. Abbie Blyth

37. Alizia Zuschlag

38. Briony Gorton

39. Beckie Hart

40. Cristina Monti

41. Sophie Milner

42. Alison Toby

43. Kate Hutchins

44. Kleofina

45. Sofia Boman

46. Sade Tuininga

47. Laura

48. Benthe Liem

49. Hollie Mercedes

50. Naomi Avrahami

Aren't they lovely? Told you! Glad you loved them. So did we.

Don't forget to show us on Trendblog your best look before the month __ January ends.

Until then, keep safe and fly.


Team Trendblog

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