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Digital fashion challenges the traditional notions of the fashion industry; the large fashion houses have the power to dictate trends, tastes, and how members of society perceive and envision themselves, in a way creating toxicity. Digital fashion is a medium that gives creative power, more freedom, and monetization back to the creators. We collaborate with young, up-and-coming artists to create a world where there are no boundaries, where the designers and our imagination is limitless. It allows for one to be able to warp their identity and create a perception of themselves that would previously have been impossible.


I was particularly interested in the term reality privilege, this is the notion that if you view metaverses, virtual worlds, and identities as outer-worldly, scary or freakish then it is a form of privilege. Many people, unfortunately, don't have authentic, supportive, or creative surroundings around them. So for those who lack reality privilege, the new technologies that are emerging with Digital Fashion, AR, and Play-2-Earn games are ways of unlocking new aspects of life that are more diverse and potentially even more fulfilling and authentic than their realities.


Realistically, a lot of our culture is influenced and dictated by the content we consume. There is going to be a rise of digital creators and hybrid creators, and through AI people will be able to design and customize their own characters and avatars. Digital Fashion is an extension of not only societal norms but physically generated clothing, this shift seems almost inevitable. Therefore, education and awareness of the general market is incredibly important. We see it as the ultimate form of self-expression, where you can be whoever you want to be, wear whatever you want to wear, defy the laws of physics, yet remain true to who you are, so why not embark on a journey of digital discovery?

Although this is all conceptually daunting and scary, with the correct tools, morals, and values this digital shift can generate a huge positive impact. As a company, we want to empower the identity of those who have struggled to be accepted. The fashion industry has tried to get involved in the NFT space but, in my opinion, there is a lack of authenticity there. We live in an age where the Gen-Z consumers regard authenticity as important as the content itself, there is a sentiment of caring more about relating to the content than to the information presented.

This ties in with our values of working with young up-and-coming artists and using our platform to promote their voice, talent, creativity, and art. I genuinely believe that if we can preserve the core elements of existing relationships, the fundamentals of what is rooted in the real; morals, guilds, interactions, and expression, then I believe these technologies and new ways of looking at life will be adopted.

You are welcome to reach out to us via our discord at any point if you want advice or someone to talk to.

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