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Hat season is here!

The hat is the fashion accessory in all its glory. The one who, in almost 100% of cases, manages to give an ultra-stylish dimension to the simplest outfit.

Nothing better than a hat to finish off an outfit and give it a touch of sophistication in the blink of an eye. The idea is to know what we like but also what suits us! We hear so often the endless complaint "I do not have a hat head" ... To tell the truth, this adage is not necessarily real. As with clothing, there are shapes, colors, and materials of hats that are better suited than others for certain face shapes. Always try to balance the overall pace. The key to success is to try and dare! Fans of hats will therefore be able to have a lot of fun this winter since the trends are jostling at the gate.


The right model

This winter, we're going to stay in vintage fashion and look back to the golden decade of the 90s. Head to the nineties for our headgear inspired by the silhouettes of icons from yesteryear. Sometimes street, sometimes preppy ... In the spotlight this season: the unmistakable cap, the fur bob, the beanie but also the felt hat and the beret. The latter, an international symbol of the French-touch, owes much of its revival to the phenomenon series “Emily in Paris” on Netflix. As for the bob, it echoes the looks of Lauryn Hill, Snoop Dog, or Amber in "Clueless".

The right color

We will always encourage fashionistas not to follow a specific color trend but rather to pick according to their skin tone and their tastes. But for those who do not want to be mistaken, we can see that it is the cold colors that predominate this winter. At our favorite brands, lots of black, gray, white but also pale blue, pastel purple, and a few faded oranges. The prints can also be a wise choice: we bet on the classics alias the leopard print and the Prince of Wales.

The right material

Here, no big revolution. The beret will always be the chicest in wool, even if we see some very trendy leather pieces emerging. For the bob, if this summer it was traditional in cotton, as the cold approaches, it pulls out its faux fur hairs to warm us up. Finally, the cap is decidedly vintage, baseball cap style in the '90s. To choose in cotton, quite simply.

We gathered for you our favorite Instagram selection of "hat looks" to inspire your winter outfits.




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