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HADEEART: Digital fashion is the future!

Meet Idiat Shiole, alias"HADEEART", an incredible digital fashion designer who will dazzle you with her talent.

She is here today to embark you upon her design journey and share with you valuable insights on digital fashion, sources of inspiration, along with an exclusive "behind the scenes" tour of her Afripus collection.

Join us to discover her captivating world through this delightful fashion talk.

What does fashion mean to you?

Fashion is an art of expression

What inspired you to become a digital fashion designer?

The Freedom of creating, the feeling that you are not limited.

How did your passion collide with digital fashion?

I wanted to create things that are not limited by location, religion, and reason, you see digital fashion gives room for that.

Can you tell us more about digital fashion to help fashion enthusiasts understand it better?

Digital Fashion for me was an intersection between art and textile and technology, it will become our everyday thing just like water.

Sustainability is gradually becoming a priority in the fashion industry, what does sustainability mean to you as a designer?

It means more ways to create and at the same time helping mother earth become a better place to live in

Where do you see digital fashion in the future?

Very soon we won't be thinking about our physical body alone but rather think about digital representations of ourselves, this will be the future of digital fashion.

Do you think digital fashion can take over fast fashion?

Yes, it is and this will happen in the future because the fashion industry is going digital, and our lives are becoming digital as well.

Now back to your incredible designs, what inspired your magnificent collection?

I actually studied textile design and I have been fascinated by the way prints are made and used in the fashion industry. For me, it was important to showcase this in my clothing from a unique perspective based on the cuts and structure of our traditional garments. My collection is more of bringing my culture into the light.

What lays behind your amazing color and texture choices?

I would say that the majority of my inspiration comes from my immediate environment.

Can you tell us more about the process of creating your digital collection?

I am very curious and this has been a source of inspiration that naturally grows into more advanced & distinctive concepts. I love to transform, translate and transfer skills in different digital software to uplift myself with new art forms. Creating clothing in 3D is a bit tasking and it takes a lot of practice. Personally I use CLO3D or Marvelous Designer for the basis of my clothes. Both software offers a quick and effective way to create 3D garments by simulating the physical properties of two-dimensionally-drawn sewing patterns. I also model accessories in Blender and texture them in Substance painter. Most times when I convert prints that I make in Krita, Into my own fabric and texture using Substance Alchemist. I do my rendering in either DAZ3D, CLO3D or Blender but recently I am learning Unreal Engine so I can have a fashion collection that is moving more towards MetaVerse exposure

What would be your advice to upcoming designers?

I will tell them to join the community, start small, don’t be scared of mistakes, and ask as many questions as they can

Stay updated on HADEEART's latest creations here.

All the beautiful pieces above are available here.

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