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Grace Moore's "Tequila Sunrise Puffer" Virtual Drop Hosted By Stylexchange

From luxury fashion brands launching their own video games to fashion weeks moving digital, technology is bringing about a revolution to the 3-trillion-dollar apparel industry. While some people still worry about the lack of emotional connection from the virtual garments, a large portion of consumers are embracing dressing themselves online, not only for the look but also for environmental benefits. Today, we present to you the exclusive virtual drop designed by Grace Moore.

Grace is a college student at the University of Creative Arts with a deep passion for digital fashion creation using 3D tools such as Marvelous Design. She has shared with us her latest virtual design — the dazzling orange-red "Tequila Sunrise Puffer", which we're now proudly hosting on our website.

The fashion industry has been lagging behind for years due to resistance to technology. Only recently, with the rise of sustanability, that brands begin to make a bold move towards digitalization. A choice that not only receives celebration from environment-conscious consumers but also bring about positive change in their wasteful practices. According to statistics, the production of digital garments uses 97% less CO2 than physical clothes and saves 3,300 liters of water, plus there's no shipping, warehousing, and real material use.

This is also awhat inspires Stylexchange to support artists, designers, and brands who courageously explore the lesser-known digital sphere of fashion. Whether you just dabble your feet in the 3D world or are an established digital designer, we're here to share your amazing work to the world. As it’s our hope to contribute to a greener Earth by exploring all the possibilities that digital fashion has to offer.

You can get the "Tequila Sunrise Puffer" here.

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