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These Luxury Fashion Brands Are Joining Esports

Clothes are a reflection of wealth and status. This is true not only in the real life world but also in gaming. Of all the fashion-conscious individuals, gamers are perhaps the most sensitive to trends as they need to constantly update characters’s outfits to match their skills and game status.

Yet, up till a few years ago, the design of virtual clothes was still limited to a small group of digital designers. Only recently, along with the rise of digital fashion, that many luxury brands began to dip their toe in esports and provide gamers with more character-styling options.

Here are 3 exciting collaborations between luxury fashion brands and video games:

1. Gucci X Animal Crossing

Earlier this year Gucci joined forces with Animal Crossing to introduce the GG Island, a place that brings up reminiscences of #ForeverGuilty film campaign.

Released in 2019, #ForeverGuilty features the two talented artists Jared Leto and Lana Del Rey who live and love outside of social conformity to embody “Gucci Guilty".

As an islander, you can visit the laundromat, supermarkets, and the hair salon where the main leads hang out. There are specialized sites like Paparazzi Zone for photo opportunities and Orchard Zone featuring GG fragrances. If lucky, you may even bump into Jared Leto avatar who is the game representative and take him to your island along with multiple freebie digital assets.

2. Burberry X Honor of Kings

Image: Burberry/Tencent

March 2021 also marks the collaboration of Burberry and Honor of Kings. The luxury fashion brand has announced the latest game skins for Tencent's best-selling online battle games.

The collection includes Burberry's signature trench coat and tartan, designed exclusively for Chinese customers. Players can adore their in-characters with luxurious digital outfits. If they enjoy the look of their virtual self, they can also place an order in the physical stores.

According to Josie Zhang, President of Burbury China, the collaboration not only blurs the boundary between virtuality and physicality but also bridges the cultural gap, bringing the brand closer to consumers in mainland China.

3. Louis Vuitton X League of Legends

Image: League of Legends

Louis Vuitton debuts its collaboration with Riot Games in 2019. The partnership brought together the unprecedented Trophy Travel Case to hold the Summoner’s Cup, one of the most prestigious prizes in esports. This is followed by the launch of a capsule collection for League of Legends characters by Nicolas Ghesquière.

Previously, the fashion brand has created similar trunks for other world-renowned trophies such as FIFA World Cup, the Rugby World Cup, and Sailing’s America’s Cup. This collaboration with Riot Games and League of Legends Championship is another attempt of Louis Vuitton to expand its customer base to the virtual world.

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