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Fashion Forward: A more sustainable future for the fashion industry

Earth Day 2021 is here! Many fashion brands today have made the shift to become more eco-friendly companies. They strive to use recycled materials in their products and cut down on their carbon emissions to ensure a better future for everyone. Check out some of the brands that are paving the way for a cleaner, healthier future.

PET bag from Maison Hēroïne

For Earth Day 2021, Maison Hēroïne, a company that specializes in the creation of sustainable bags, is releasing a new version of their "Kira Nano" handbag in Romantic Blush. This product is made from over 60 percent recycled materials, in which 40 percent comes from recycled PET(Polyethylene terephthalate) bottles, the plastic that would usually end up in the garbage.

"Futurecraft Loop" Running Shoes by Adidas

The next brand focusing on creating a more sustainable world is Adidas. For the last year, Adidas has been working on a product that can be returned to their company when the product is no longer wanted. It will then be recycled and its materials used to create new products. The "Futurecraft Loop" running shoe is set to be released in 2021. Once the shoes have run their course, customers can return them to Adidas to be recycled and reused.

"Earth Top Handle" bag by Salvatore Ferragamo

Our next brand is Ferragamo. For this year's Earth Day, Salvatore Ferragamo is releasing a bag made entirely from cork material. The "Earth Top Handle" bag is made from 100 percent renewable and FSC-certified raw material, while the accents are created from recycled polyester. With the use of a low-impact material such as cork, Ferragamo is shifting towards a more "carbon-neutral" business plan.

"Earth Day" polo by Ralph Lauren

Last but not least is Ralph Lauren. This year, Ralph Lauren has collaborated with the First Mile organization to create the "Earth Polo". The Earth Polo has the iconic look of the original Polos, the difference is that this new model is created completely from plastic bottles. They average approximately 12 plastic bottles per polo. By 2025, they hope to achieve their goal of recycling 170 million plastic bottles as well as reduce their waste and reach a carbon-neutral business plan.

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