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Euveka's biomimetic robot-mannequin: digital and inclusive.

Yoshio Osata, Mode Kohgei's managing director, says that Japan throws away 100.000 mannequins every year. This number is definitely shocking and it explains why the fashion industry decided to switch from plastic or fiberglass mannequins to mannequins made from 100% recycled materials.

Audrey-Laure Bergenthal, currently, CEO and founder of Euveka, explains how usually, designers don’t create only one version of a shirt or jacket and then scale it up and down. What they need to do is design and refit it for different body types. That means a lot of mannequins: big, small, short, tall, pregnant, broad-shouldered, etc.

Being able to dial in the exact size and shape they're designing for would definitely be the best solution to this issue. Audrey, with her start-up Euveka, put her words in action by revolutionizing the fashion world with their scalable and biomimetic mannequin.

So, how does this amazing robot work?

The robot mannequin, controlled by data management software, is capable of reproducing an infinite number of morphologies. It will be sufficient to scan a person and enter all the parameters into the system. The mannequin can adapt to a range of sizes, from 36 to 46 [UK size 8 to 18], and can morph into the desired shape in less than two minutes.

Audrey explained how the traditional mannequins did not represent the morphological reality of the human body and that she always had difficulty finding clothes that would fit her.

The fashion-tech Euveka was created specifically to tackle this problem.

Euveka's innovative idea allows customers to identify with what fits them no matter the size of the clothes and helps professionals to sell the right product to everyone without risk of return.

As a result, this solution gives the fashion industry an opportunity to reduce its carbon footprint, and, as Euveka states on their official website, it also provides support for the textile industries into their digital and ecological transition.

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