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Ellen Von Unwerth's debut in the world of NFTs with Kate Moss, Naomi Cambell, and Claudia Schiffer.

Energy, empowerment, creativity, and sensuality. Those are all the words that come to our minds when we think about Ellen von Unwerth.

Ellen was discovered by a model scout on her very first day of university, in Munich. She worked as a model and later as a photographer. The exceptional protagonists of her shots are beautiful, self-confident, and sensual women.

In all her pictures she shows us her ability to capture the expressive power of the models to the fullest.

On Thursday 21st October, she entered the world of Cryptography by releasing her five-piece non-fungible token (NFT) collection starring three iconic supermodels in photographs taken in the past.

The images include an iconic shot from 1991 of Naomi Campbell with her hair wrapped around soda cans. Others include an image of 1989 Claudia Schiffer in a famous bustier and a GIF version of Kate Moss in Paris during 1995.

Ellen described them as three of her favorite icons and she was so excited about the release of her first NFT collection.

The uniqueness of this shot is in the creativity of the hairstyle and Naomi's intense gaze, which is hard to forget.

In this shot, Claudia Schiffer is wearing a stylish see-through bustier. Her pulled-back hair leaves her neck uncovered but not her face, which is partially hidden by jaunty wisps.

Here we see a beautiful Kate Moss in all her elegance while watching a movie at the cinema. The sensuality is all in her eyes and in the gesture of touching her lower lip with her fingers.

There are definitely three of Ellen's best shots and it's not surprising that people were thrilled about her NFTs collection.

What's also amazing is that by participating in the auction — and winning — everyone was able to help out some worthwhile causes. In fact, all proceeds collected from the images will go towards the nonprofits UNICEF, Fashion For Relief, and Imperial Health Charity.

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