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Ekaterina Andreeva: the Houdini of digital fashion design

The star of today's article is Ekaterina, the Houdini of digital fashion design. Her style, her vision, and her analytical perspective of fashion will blow your mind.

Through her creations, you don't only see beautiful designs, but also the re-creation of fashion history with a futuristic touch.

Join us for this captivating fashion discussion and discover more about her incredible world.

Who is Ekaterina as a designer?

I'm not really a designer. Rather, a researcher or analyst. I am interested in the history of fashion and have a dream to embody the history of fashion in the form of a sequential tree of the development of forms in a procedural design environment. For example, in Houdini.

How would you describe your design style?


What inspired you to become a digital clothing designer?

I just love to dress up the characters. As a child, she loved to create clothes for paper dolls. Whatever 3D software I open, I try to model clothes and characters everywhere. My favorite software to work with is Houdini. And in it, I also practice creating clothes.

Can you tell us more about digital fashion to help fashion enthusiasts understand it better?

Digital fashion is a fairly new direction, but very interesting and promising. In the age of high technology, you can create and "try on" very daring outfits created in 3D packages. This approach allows for experimentation, while wisely spending resources on garment production in the future.

Tell us about your first digital fashion creation.

The very first was an ordinary sheath dress. I love creating dresses. In general, this can be seen from the objects I created.

What does sustainability mean to you as a designer?

Sustainability for me as a designer is the ability to create clothes in a digital environment without polluting the world around us with experimental waste.

Where do you see digital fashion in the future?

I believe that digital fashion will take its place alongside conventional fashion in the future. And thanks to digital fashion, we will have new wardrobe items in the real world.

Do you think digital fashion can take over fast fashion?

Quite possible.

Now back to your incredible designs, what inspired your magnificent collection?

Deus Ex game. This is the only game I play once a year. I really like and close the style of this game. I love both the costumes of the characters and the setting in Adam's apartment. I'm curious when elements of old eras are combined with modern silhouettes and technology.

What lays behind your amazing color and texture choices?

Experiments and good knowledge of color theory.

How long does it take to create a full collection?

I prefer to work slowly. On average, about two months.

Can you tell us more about the process of creating your digital collection?

First, I look for a key topic/idea. I watch photos, films, video game reviews. I discuss the idea with my daughters. Most often they are the main source of inspiration. In my opinion, the younger generation is well aware of trends and is always full of new ideas. For example, my youngest daughter offered me a Harlequin costume. And the idea of one of the collections of dresses, on which I am working now, was suggested by the eldest. Once the idea and overall theme are in place, I create a mood board and freehand sketches. Sketching out the basic concepts of future outfits. Then I go directly to the development of the pattern and see how it looks on the character. In the process of work, I can add or change the originally conceived form of elements. It all depends on how the modeled garment sits on the character's figure.

What would be your advice to upcoming designers?

Learn the basics to break them down. Feel free to experiment and expand your horizons all the time.

All the beautiful creations above are available exclusively here.

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