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Digital fashion : A revolutionary movement.

When the first digital couture was launched in 2019, it spurred a heated debate in both the fashion and tech space. Since then, many start-ups and even established apparel companies have joined the exciting race of digital fashion.

Martian Dress Digital Fashion

Blue Martian Dress

The first impression most people have on seeing virtual garments is how realistic they are. Like on my first encounter with digital fashion, I was stunned not only by their futuristic looks but also by the remarkable simulation of physical clothes. I can actually feel the texture and thickness of the garments, despite them being made from pixels. Also, the designs are out of this world.

Clearly, digital fashion belongs to the superior rank of high fashion rather than the low end of mass-produced clothes. Each piece is carved with avant-garde styles and unique personalities, as well as capable of conveying emotions.

Furthermore, unlike physical clothes which limit the designer's creativity due to production constraints, the digital pieces allow the artist to go free-range and craft the outfit any way they want. Also here, the line between physicality and virtuality blurs. 3D garments exist beyond the “wear and show” function to serve as a buyable digital art.

Virtual Drops - Soledad Gallardo

These outfits would make impressive Instagram and Snapchat posts. But the chic and trendy looks are not the only things that characterize digital fashion. One prominent reason that inspires digital designers to create them is the positive impacts on the planet.

The fast fashion industry is a massive source of waste. 3D fashion resolves this by digitalizing the whole apparel-making process, from designing to production and consumption. Thus, there's no waste in between. Carbon footprint emission is also kept at the minimum, except for use of computers to create the designs.

On the consumer side, it helps to reduce consumerism. Instead of buying multiple one-time pieces to impress social media followers that eventually get dumped in landfills, people invest in the eternal digital fashion that doesn't come with an environmental price tag. It's a way for fashion enthusiasts to express their aesthetic sense, conscience-free.

How to shop for digital fashion?

It's not so complicatedAfter purchasing the 3D outfit, you can upload a picture of yourself. Then wait a few days for the in-house team to fit it into your photo. Once done, you can share on your profile in-app or social media.

Image: Stylexchange app

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