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Digital fashion: The most powerful revolution of the fashion industry

Behind the concept of virtual clothing lies a bold vision for the future of fashion, a vision that also predicts how we will interact with each other in the future.

While the technological and futuristic experience may be more suited to the community that revolves around blockchains, the idea of ​​an exclusively virtual garment also has considerable repercussions for the fashion industry.

In this new world, factories, supply chains, and sample sizes do not exist. There are also no delivery trucks, no clothes to wash, and no closets to declutter. This environment makes the impossible possible, wastes nothing but data, and harnesses only the imagination, therefore, the very idea of ​​materiality seems obsolete.

Currently, social media, as an important part of our daily lives, is building a virtual layer of our physical existence.

With less expensive, incredible designs that cost 30 euros, which are "fitted" on the customer's photo after purchase. The concept seems to be so tremendously successful that more and more designers are joining the digital movement every day. Virtual fashion could satisfy our need for novelty and self-expression without impacting the environment: just fitting a virtual dress on a person's photo before posting it on social media can be a daily source of inspiration without impacting the environment.

With the insatiable expansion of fast fashion, the clothing industry has had to keep pace with the trends. If clothing were purely digital, the industry wouldn't have to worry about working conditions and pollution.

Today, we buy pretty much the same items as we did over the past 50 years, there haven't been any real innovations. Digital fashion allows consumers to express their identities. It does not dictate the trend and the seasonality. The consumer gets to dress his own way, based on his inspiration of the moment and his personal vision of fashion.

It remains to be seen how digitization will define the fashion industry, but this revolution offers both designers and consumers a new experience and opens the door to complete freedom of imagination and self-expression.

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