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Brands are geared up to sell directly to avatars

What users wear in the metaverse is becoming as important as what is worn in real life. D2A or Direct-to-Avatar is a new digital channel and a big opportunity in the fashion economy. Brands, companies, and users to market can sell products directly to avatars.

How can brands do that? Because the digital world seems increasingly set to dominate our social sphere, new retail models will let brands create new and deeper connections with consumers in online environments.

As interest in virtual fashion continues to explode, there are several platforms that allow users to create clothing without having any 3D software knowledge, although companies will need such software to design their collections. Some platforms, since it's still very niche, allow users to create, mint, and trade digital clothes as NFTs, which can then be wearable in various digital environments.

Some companies pave the way for contactless and cyber fashion. Thanks to them, users can shop and download digital fashion items, which influences users to transfer their identity to a virtual area, and eventually leads to decreasing demand for physical clothing.

Regardless of whether brands are partnering with gaming companies like Roblox or Fortnite, what's evident is that a whole new economy for digital fashion is now arising.

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