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Botter's global warning: making clothes is no longer enough.

Behind Botter's unique creations there are Lisi Herrebrugh and Rushemy Botter, two emerging designers from the Netherlands.

They are well known for designing garments that hark back to Rushemy's Caribbean roots.

In 2018, they were hired as Nina Ricci's new creative directors for the Pre-Fall 2019 collection. It was for both an enriching experience.

“We feel very inspired by the fresh and subtle codes that make Nina Ricci such a beautiful ode to femininity.”

Working for Nina Ricci has definitely brought a lot of media attention to Botter's duo, which they are using to raise awareness on climate change.

In order to do that, Botter addressed the issue head-on in its SS22 collection.

For Botter, the impact that climate change is having on the ocean is something really close to their hearts.

That's the reason why they also set up a coral nursery off the coast of Curacao, where Rushemy is from, in order to restore coral reefs that are being killed off as a result of rising temperatures.

Botter worked with the NGO Parley for the Oceans, an organization that aims to protect the oceans and marine life, for the creation of their SS22 collection. It was reported that this partnership allowed Botter to offer a summer collection from 60% recycled ocean plastics.

The collection was presented as part of the official Paris Fashion Week calendar. All the models wear diving masks, recycled umbrella hats (designed by the Piganiol company).

There’s no doubt that Botter’s SS22 collection puts the climate crisis front and centre of our minds – which is exactly where it should be.

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