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4 reasons to embrace digital fashion

One in three people never re-uses a piece of clothing after wearing it one or two times.

Crazy, right?

The fast fashion industry is promoting the concept of "buying more to be fashionable" and Social media reinforces this misconception.

However, thanks to emerging technologies and tech innovation, people can build an impressive closet matching all the latest trends, and even have the most avant-garde unique pieces never seen anywhere without impacting the environment.

How so?

A virtual closet! Pixels instead of textiles, eternal garments that never deteriorate, fashion with no limits. It can be anything you can imagine: no rules, no gravity, no limits!

In real life, you could have a minimalist capsule wardrobe. Meanwhile, on social media, your digital life could be incredibly expressive with thousands of different outfits.

If you're still hesitant, here are 4 good reasons to go digital:

1. Digital Fashion is a Sustainable Solution to Fast Fashion

Digital clothing allows consumers to live out their fast fashion fantasies while drastically reducing the environmental impact. 10% of global greenhouse gas emissions come from the fashion industry, and half of all clothing produced ends up in landfills shortly after being made.

By keeping your consumption of fast fashion minimal, you are not just reducing the impact of that one pair of jeans, you are also cutting down the waste generated during the design and sampling process. Imagine that the total carbon footprint of producing one digital item is 95% less than an average physical garment.

2. Going digital also means reducing production costs and the time to market

By designing the products digitally and having the opportunity to experiment with the movement of the garment and the ability to do fittings in real-time. Retailers would reduce not only their water usage but also the time to market and the unnecessary textile waste due to the production of sample collections.

3. It’s Body and Gender Inclusive

Digital fashion abolishes the pressuring standards of body type, size, or gender.

Both digital fashion brands and designers provide genderless, sizeless garments that can fit everyone.

4. Virtual garments allow creative self-expression with no limits.

Gravity, physics, unrealistic fabric textures are completely irrelevant when it comes to digital designs. Within the digital world, there is no limit to creativity, you can wear a dress made of fire at the bottom with a melted gold bustier. You could find pieces that reflect a more abstract version of yourself that you would love to see out there.

Are you ready to go digital?

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