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10 men's fashion trends for this winter.

We do not hope so, but this end of the year may be poor in exits with the pandemic. But nothing can stop fashion, even the Covid. So, let's take advantage of the least of our excursions to be at the forefront of style. Far from the extravagant outfits that we can find on the catwalks, we have found in this list for you, the 10 essential men's fashion trends for this. Don't forget, even with a mask, you can still be fashionable!

1 / Red, the color of this winter

If only one were to be chosen for these gentlemen, red would be the trendy color this winter! This season, the hue is bright and vibrant on the clothes you want as warm as possible.


2/ Tailoring continues to prevail

The tailoring trend is confirmed again this season against declining streetwear. So we're bringing out our classiest suits and our best-cut coats for this winter!


 3 / Functional streetwear

Cheer up guys! If you like to look stylish while wearing comfortable clothing, streetwear is IN this winter. Those who like outfits full of pockets and other small storage spaces will be delighted!

@monsefofficial 4 / Pastel tones

Who could guess that pastel tones would be a men's trend this year? However, pastel outfits were very present on the catwalks of the parades, determined to invade the streets of our cities.


5 / The hot shearling

Of course, we all like to be comfortable in warm clothes. This is good, because shearling is fashionable, preferably in leather. This jacket should be a must have for the season, you will easily find a stylish one in every retail store.


6 / The return of denim

The material of jeans is making a comeback for the cold season. Denim is in fact all the rage this winter on tailored coats and pants, sometimes even in a very 70's style!


7 / Check pattern is a must have

This is the pattern we'll see all over men this year. However, bad tongues will say that checks are fashionable every winter, others will explain that it is a recycling effort that is beneficial for the environment.


8 / Faces!

Whether printed or knitted, faces are the hottest designs this winter! Old school sweaters remain a must-have for evenings by the fireplace!


9 / Oversized clothes

For those who still wear their big brother's sweaters without having grown up, be happy, because this winter fashion is loose for men.


10 / Ties and shoulder bags, the accessories of choice

This winter also sees the return of ties, preferably red or with a special print! As for the shoulder bags, which can be personalized more, they continue to make a place for themselves in the small world of fashion.



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